Travel Tips: Visiting Mexico

You might be a seasoned traveler, but maybe Cancun is your first trip out of the country. This is great, as it’s an excellent way to get your feet wet in international travel. Most everyone speaks English, there are tons of American tourists around, cabs are plentiful and safe, and it’s a short flight from many American cities. You’ve got your bags packed and your passport ready, but what about the small details? Here are some things you might need to know before departing.

Cancun (11)Carry A Pen

Carry your passport with you on the plane, too. You’ll have to fill out some customs paperwork. It’s simple stuff like your passport number, how long you’re staying, and at which hotel. But you’ll need a pen, so pack one in your carry on.

Cabs are Available at the Airport

There’s an official cabstand you can use if your resort doesn’t include transportation. You can even book your return trip back to the airport, and they’re reliable about picking you up. Buses are also safe to use both day and night.

Don’t Drink the Water

We’ve all heard it, and this one’s true. Even though your resort will filter it, it’s still best to stick to bottles, even when brushing your teeth. Don’t worry, bottled water is readily available and safe to drink.

Cash is King

It’s a good idea to bring some cash in small bills. And even though everyone takes American dollars, it’s a lot easier to pay for small items at a convenience store or haggle over souvenirs with pesos. (As opposed to using a credit card.) You can exchange your dollars at the airport or at a currency exchange; the rate hovers around 18 pesos per dollar.

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