Travel Tips-Keeping Pets Safe While Traveling

Travel TipsEvery pet owner knows that soul crushing look they get from their pets when the suitcases start to get loaded into the car at the beginning of a vacation. Your pet knows you’re going away, and is wondering if you’ll ever return.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your furry friend more comfortable, whether you’re leaving them at home with a pet sitter or taking them on vacation with you. We asked Becky King, owner of Anything But Alligators dog walking and pet sitting, to give us the skinny on prepping your pet for travel.

If you’re leaving them at home; remember, dogs and cats are creatures of habit. Try to maintain a normal schedule with your pet sitter visits. This will give them a semblance of normalcy when you’re away.

“I suggest scheduling three walks a day,” says King. “Then it’s like a vacation for them. They’re excited for the walks, and it builds a relationship between dog and pet sitter.”

Travel TipsShe said it’s a good idea to leave out a blanket, a t-shirt, or leave the bed half made. The scent will remind your dog that they’re at home, and you aren’t far away. Allow your pet sitter to spoil them with extra special treats such as pieces of hot dog.

King also says any good pet sitter will ask about your pet’s medical history, and what medications they are on. This is crucial in the case of an emergency, and provides a full picture of their health.

If you’re taking your pet with you, you can always research pet sitters at your destination, so that your pet isn’t cramped inside all day while you’re out having fun. Again, bring something that has your scent on it, as well as favorite treats and your pet’s regular food. Try to choose a condo or cabin instead of a hotel room, it will probably make your dog more comfortable.

For two great resources and directories of insured pet sitters, visit Pet Sitters International or Pet Sit, LLC.

Travel TipsBecky King has owned Anything But Alligators dog walking and pet sitting in Asheville, N.C., since 2010. She said most owners are gone for about a week, but she sometimes watches pets for up to three weeks at a time. Business for her is busiest in the summer and during school holiday breaks, and she says she is thankful for living in a town where people treat their pets as their children.

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