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Staying connected is important for many of us when we travel, whether it’s to keep up with work correspondence, upload your vacation photos each day to document your trip or just to kill time at the airport or in the hotel. Most travelers take steps to keep our cash, credit cards, personal identification and belongings safe, but public Wi-Fi is often taken for granted. Here are some recommendations from the tech guru site Mashable for protecting yourself while using public Wi-Fi:

Cell-Phone-webTurn off your sharing settings. While it’s typically fine to share certain files on your private network, turn off these settings on all of your devices when you travel to avoid unwanted hackers.

Consider getting a virtual private network (VPN). Frequent travelers who connect often can pay a low monthly fee in exchange for the security of a private network, wherever you are.

Don’t automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots on your phone, and do confirm the public network’s name with the business, hotel or airport providing it.

Run anti-virus software regularly – before and during your travels – to protect from most viruses. Also, be sure your firewall is enabled to monitor connections.

For more tips on using public Wi-Fi safely, visit Mashable.

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