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At RTX, we stand behind our product. We truly believe that RTX memberships offer some of the best benefits in the industry, at some of the best pricing. One of the reasons we are so confident in our product is that we test it firsthand to be sure that our members really are getting fantastic quality vacations at a great value.

When Sara Little, Director of Communications and Editor of RTX Traveler Magazine, began planning a trip to Southern California to research and write articles about Carlsbad and Palm Springs* as featured destinations in Traveler, she decided to do it all using an RTX Premium Plus membership. Her experience follows.


When I started planning my trip to California, I knew there would be a lot of preparation, as there always is for my Traveler research trips. On top of contacting tour operators and visitors’ bureaus and comparing ratings from several travel review sites to plan my activities, I had to book flights, a car rental and accommodations at three different places, as the last night would be spent close to the airport to prepare for a 5 a.m. departure back to the east coast.

I booked my flights first, and then it dawned on me that it would be great to reserve everything else through just one place, so I compared RTX with both Expedia and Kayak.com. It took a bit of research to compare all three sites, but I was truly curious if RTX was the best way to travel. I found out, happily, that it absolutely was.

Once I found that RTX had equal or better pricing (which would end up being better with RTX’s 110% guarantee offered to members), the booking process was easy. After completing each reservation, I immediately received a confirmation letter via e-mail, making it easy to keep organized and ensure that everything went through.

Prior to my departure, I received a Priority Pass card, which is a benefit offered to Premium Plus members that grants access to lounges in airports throughout the world. I had a two-hour layover in the Atlanta airport (ATL) on the way to California, so I downloaded the Priority Pass app on my smart phone to quickly access the information about the lounge including location, hours, amenities and services offered.

If you’ve ever been to the Atlanta airport, then you probably know that it’s one of the busiest airports in the world. This particular day was a Friday on a holiday weekend, so it was especially busy. The lounge was just one terminal away from where I was departing from, but I had plenty of time and it was easy to find. After passing one overflowing gate after another and maneuvering around crowds outside of restaurants, I stepped through the large wooden doors into the United Lounge and was immediately transported to somewhere completely different.

The closest comparison I can make is stepping into a spa from a busy city street. Most noticeably, the noise and frenetic energy of the crowded airport ceased to exist. Even more than the noise itself, the atmosphere felt calmer; more peaceful. I felt like I had found a secret sanctuary unknown to the general population. I’m typically very frugal with both vacation and business spending when I travel, so I’d never even thought to pay for something like lounge access at airports. Now, I can’t believe I went without it all these years.

A room to my right was designated as the quiet area and people were working on laptops, reading or just sitting. To my left was a larger room with even more cozy chairs and a workspace countertop along the length of the room intersecting floor-to-ceiling windows with plenty of outlets for charging devices. A television played at just the right level, and a bar serving complimentary drinks was flanked by a complimentary coffee and snacks.

After a quick and easy check-in with the friendly receptionist who swiped my card, I fortified myself with caffeine and cookies, and settled in to enjoy the sanctuary that I was still amazed could be found within the airport. When it was time to find my way to my gate, I reluctantly went through those wooden doors again to face the madness of the masses. Premium Plus members, I highly recommend that you take full advantage of your Priority Pass airport lounge membership the next time you travel anywhere by plane.

Upon departure of each hotel reserved through RTX, I received a follow-up e-mail with a quick survey about my stay. These surveys provide valuable feedback to ensure member satisfaction with each RTX transaction. I was surprised and pleased at the timeliness of these e-mails.

Once I returned, I spoke directly with a Travel Consultant who calculated the amount of rebates an RTX Premium Plus member would have received for this trip. I was eligible for four rebates (one for each hotel and one for the car rental) ranging from $4 to $15, and my total rebate would have been $34. That’s $34 that could be used toward future RTX transactions. Not bad, considering I was already getting great savings by booking through RTX initially.

After fully experiencing RTX Premium Plus benefits as any of our members would, I was pleased and proud that we are able to offer such quality service and benefits with such fantastic savings. I encourage our members to take full advantage of your benefits. If you’d care to share your experiences using your RTX membership for exchanges or anything else, please feel free to e-mail me at slittle@rtx.travel and we may share your story in an upcoming issue of RTX Traveler magazine.

*Palm Springs, CA, will be featured in our Winter 2014 issue.  

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