Paradise Watersports: Parasailing in Ocean City

For amazing views and a thrill of a lifetime, take a ride with Paradise Watersports and soar above the shores of Ocean City.

Since 2005, Paradise Watersports has been taking Ocean City vacationers to new heights with their parasailing excursions. These scenic trips are both exhilarating and relaxing, giving customers a thrill while taking in the natural beauty, wildlife and sea life surrounding Ocean City.


Owner Tyler Barnes worked on a parasailing boat as a deck hand for four summers in Ocean City prior to purchasing his own parasailing boat and starting Paradise Watersports. Barnes’ mission is for the parasailing experience to be the highlight for any family vacationing in Ocean City and he strives to give the longest and most scenic rides at the beach, while keeping safety as a first priority.

parasailersNervous about parasailing? There’s no need to be! Barnes ensures the safety of all customers with daily equipment checks, preventative maintenance, a highly qualified staff and new and reliable equipment. It’s truly something everyone can enjoy, from families to couples to 96-year-old grandparents. Between 200 and 300 customers are served on the busiest summer days.

“The one thing we hope for our customers to take away from parasailing is an awesome and extreme experience while knowing they are being looked after by the safest crew with the newest and most reliable equipment in town,” said Barnes.

Parasailing excursions begin at 8 a.m. each day during the summer months. Each hour and a half trip can accommodate up to 12 people, with up to three parasailers in the air at a time. It’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance on the website, as this guarantees a reservation and also gives customers a coupon code for a discount and saves time upon arrival. Once checked in, customers are directed to their boat, introduced to the captain and crew and then taken out to either the ocean or the bay. Safety instructions are explained in detail to all customers prior to suiting up in a harness and personal flotation device. Then you are attached to the already inflated parachute, and the fun really begins!

parasail picCustomers are gently launched into the air from the back of the boat, a feeling quite unlike any other. For 10 to 15 minutes, you will soar up to the height of your choice: 400 feet, 600 feet or 800 feet above the ground. While in the air, keep your eye out in the waters below as you’re likely to spy dolphins, sea turtles, whales and the Asssateague Island wild ponies. An expert maneuver by the captain will give you the option of dipping your feet into the water before you’re gently reeled back into the boat for a safe and dry landing.

The experience of parasailing with Paradise Watersports will be one that you never forget. Make a lasting memory with your loved ones on your next RTX vacation to Ocean City!

Memorable Moments

Paradise Watersports owner Tyler Barnes shared some of the most memorable guest experiences he’s witnessed:

  • We’ve had several marriage proposals at Paradise Watersports. The couple will parasail tandem, and the guy will secretly hide an engagement ring under a watch with a fishing line tied to it (so they don’t drop the ring at 800 feet!). Once they get back to the boat they are greeted with applause and cheers from other guests and the crew, and their excitement and exhilaration is even more elevated!
  • One crazy couple got married on the back of the parasail and then were sent into the sky after the bride and groom had their kiss.
  • Paradise Watersports once made news when we spotted an unexpected guest on an excursion. We had a rare sighting of a humpback whale within 50 feet of the boat, and less than a mile from the shoreline. This was incredibly special for the crew and guests, and will always be something we remember.


12913 Ocean Gateway
Ocean City, MD 21842
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