Ocean City Boardwalk Attractions

Ocean City’s 3-mile boardwalk has everything you’d dream a boardwalk to have: carnival games, kitschy art galleries, amusement park rides, endless options for food and a proud history throughout it all. You can see it by foot, with plenty of benches lining the length of the boardwalk for resting or eating “boardwalk fries” (just beware of seagulls) or you can catch the trolley that runs seasonally from the inlet end of the boardwalk about halfway to the other end.


If you look past the contemporary eateries and dime-a-dozen beach wear shops, you can still see the charm and delight that has attracted visitors to the Ocean City boardwalk for more than 100 years. Check out some of our favorite amusements and attractions along Ocean City’s boardwalk.

147254835Boardwalk on Wheels

Exploring the boardwalk by bicycle, surrey, tandem bike or boardwalk car can be a great way to start your day in Ocean City. Mornings are best, before the crowds arrive and the sun gets too hot. Check out Bike World for a variety of wheeled rentals including regular and tandem bikes, surreys that seat up to six adults and two children, funcycles with three wheels, “choppers” (adult-size tricycles) and BMX style bikes. Dandy Don’s also rents bicycles, surreys, tandem bikes and banana bikes. They have fun and unique boardwalk cars, pedal cars that hold two passengers and feature working headlights and taillights as well as a radio and CD player.

Trimper’s Amusements

Classic family fun along with a slice of history can be found at Trimper’s Rides & Amusements. The Trimper family helped shape the boardwalk area of Ocean City by opening this iconic amusement park in a prime location more than 100 years ago. The theme park is still owned by the Trimpers, and one of the country’s oldest carousel rides is still in operation there. With 30 outdoor rides and 11 indoor rides, there are plenty of options for children, families and thrill seekers. In addition to the fun of the rides, Trimper’s 33 games give everyone a chance to take home a souvenir from the boardwalk bounty.

79076606Jolly Roger at the Pier

For action and entertainment over the water, head to Ocean City’s iconic Jolly Roger at the Pier. Rides range from fast and thrilling for bigger kids and kids at heart to relaxed and easygoing for the younger ones. The town’s tallest Ferris Wheel will give you stunning views of Ocean City and the water by day or night. There are plenty of games and shops to keep the whole family occupied, and standing in line for Thrasher’s Fries is an Ocean City tradition well worth the wait. The Jolly Roger Unlimited Rides Pass gives you access to rides at Jolly Roget at the Pier as well as Jolly Roger at 30th Street and includes one free round of mini golf at Treasure Golf.

CIMG2158Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum

Adjacent to the inlet parking lot is the Life-Saving Station Museum. Get a glimpse of Ocean City’s history and the lives of those who lived at sea. Photos throughout the museum show the boardwalk’s various eras from its beginnings in the early 1900s to the Roaring ‘20s to its rebuilding in the ‘60s. Check out men’s and women’s swimwear from the 1890s through the 1970s as well as Ocean City’s very first surfboard from 1922 – a heavy, wooden board. Browse postcards, photo booth pictures, souvenirs and other items and information from the boardwalk’s history. This affordable attraction is the perfect start to your boardwalk experience.

The Ocean Gallery

You can’t miss this boardwalk legend, even if you tried really, really hard. The exterior of the building itself is a photo-worthy attraction, calling to mind legendary folk artists who spend a lifetime, and make a living, creating art from what most would consider to be junk. Covered with parts of buildings from throughout the world along with many other random art pieces, you’d wonder if the inside could be anywhere as unique and fascinating as the outside. There’s only one way to tell for sure, and if you do venture inside, you will be rewarded with amazing discounts on art of all kinds.

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