Hot List: Essentials for a Day Hike

Hiking is a favorite activity for winter. Clear air, cool temperatures and unobstructed views bring out hikers who are on vacation or just a day trip from home. Fill your pack with these items for an ideal day hike.


Poncho: Lightweight, disposable ponchos can save the day in case of an unexpected shower, and can also be used as a picnic blanket for lunch on the trail.

Hydration: At least one water bottle per hiker, and extra if your furry four-legged friend is joining you.

Sustenance: Pack snacks that are lightweight with minimal packaging and packed with nutrition, like trail mix, granola bars or bananas.

Disinfecting wipes: You’ll be grateful if you want to clean your hands before or after snacking or if someone gets a small cut or scrape.

Extra layer: A little increase in elevation can make a big difference in temperature, and it’s good to be prepared with an extra layer or two.

153737517Insect Repellant: Biting, stinging and otherwise annoying bugs can be abundant on hiking trails, so be prepared.

Flashlight or headlamp: If you’re hiking near sundown, in heavily wooded areas or a destination where caves are popular, a source of light can be essential.

Bandana or hand towel: Whether it’s to wipe sweat from your brow or dry your feet after splashing through a creek, a clean and dry cloth can add a touch of comfort to your day.

Trash bag: Whether it’s a sealable gallon size bag or a full size trash bag, it’s good to have something to keep all of your trash corralled. You can also pick up trash left behind by others.

Watch: Keep track of the time you’re on the trail to ensure you’ve stayed on your planned route and to calculate remaining daylight hours.


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