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Date-ShakewDate palms are ubiquitous in Palm Springs, and the mild-flavored fruit can be found in sweet and savory dishes in restaurants throughout the area. One traditional way to beat the heat in Palm Springs any time of year is with a milkshake made with dates – a date shake. While several spots in Palm Springs may brag about their date shakes, few can compete with the shake served at the deli inside of Hadley Fruit Orchards. The recipe below comes from their website at www.hadleyfruitorchards.com.



1/3 cup Hadley’s Cooking Dates

1 1/3 cup low fat milk

4 cups vanilla ice cream



In a blender, combine cooking dates with 1/2 cup of the milk. Blend to a creamy consistency. Add ice cream and the rest of the milk and blend to desired thickness. Serves 4.

Tips: For a different flavor, add a ripe banana along with the dates, or try a different flavor of ice cream.  For an adult kick, substitute half the amount of milk with rum.

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