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While historical tours and attractions can be found in many popular RTX vacation destinations, some places have fascinating cultural backgrounds that may not always be found in history books. Like the Gulllah Heritage Tour on Hilton Head Island, tours that explore the heritage of the people in a specific area can often give a better understanding of what makes a destination special.

Whether it’s a dialect, food, craft or tradition that helped shape an entire country’s history or one that is becoming rarer as time goes on, tours that focus on culture – however mainstream or unconventional – can be a highly entertaining and educational vacation experience. Here are a few cultural tours in other RTX destinations that give a glimpse of the life of people from these areas.


113662636-web Great Hopes, An African American Journey in Williamsburg, VA: There’s perhaps no place with more historical tours and attractions in our country than Williamsburg, Va. For a different perspective, use the suggested itinerary on for tours and experiences focusing on African-American history, from the Revolutionary and Civil wars to the 19th century and present times. This itinerary includes tours focusing on the arrival of Africans to Virginia, 18th Century African American Music, historical homes and museums focusing on African American exhibits, stories and people and more. Read more about Williamsburg.
459133025-web Native American Petroglyphs Tour in Scottsdale, AZ: An expert guide who is a member of the Choctaw Nation takes guests through the Sonoran Desert to see hundreds of petroglyphs created by the Hohokam who inhabited the area thousands of years ago. Learn how the petroglyphs tell stories of this vibrant society. The guide will also speak of the ecology of the area including native plant uses and conservation issues. He will also demonstrate how to make modern renditions of petroglyphs with traditional tools and materials. Read more about Scottsdale.
183127770-web Gullah Tours in Charleston, SC: The Hilton Head area is not the only place where Gullah culture can still be found today. Charleston’s Gullah Tours’ owner and guide Alphonso Brown takes guests to several historic sites around the city important to Gullah heritage. Some stops include Catfish Row, the Old Slave Mart, the sweet grass basket weavers in the City Market and several historic houses where prominent Gullah figures lived. Learn about Gullah language, traditions and history on this unique and affordable tour in Charleston.
shutterstock_709219 New Orleans Music Tours in New Orleans, LA: If jazz was born in New Orleans, then the Crescent City has surely reared many different genres of music over the years. Thousands flock to JazzFest, VoodooFest and several other musical events throughout the year, but some of the most compelling tunes in the city are those that can be heard on street corners or in dimly lit dive bars, whose stages many legends have graced over the years. Dig deep into this aural adventure with New Orleans Music Tours where you can learn music history or experience contemporary tunes with a complementing cocktail. Read more about New Orleans.





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