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150892480_webThe metaphysical power of Sedona’s energy centers.

Depending on whom you ask, a vortex such as those said to be found in Sedona could be described as a power center where spiritual energy is particularly strong, or as a place where the energy flow exists on multiple dimensions, facilitating prayer, meditation and healing. Some may simply say that vortex is a word used to describe something in nature that is very old; so old that people often get a particular feeling or vibration from the place. The general consensus on Sedona’s vortexes is that you really have to experience them for yourself in order to truly understand them.

Of course, individual experiences may differ greatly depending on your expectations. If you visit a vortex expecting a physical feeling or a spiritual transformation, are you then more susceptible to the vortex’s powers? Perhaps you’re a skeptic, and your disbelief prevents you from feeling the energy field that truly exists. What about those who are simply out for a hike to enjoy the scenery, oblivious to the apparent vortex right under their feet? You might be simply overwhelmed by seeing the unparalleled beauty of the red rock formations for the first time, and the euphoria you feel is a result of that rather than some unseen energy field. Or is it?

Regardless of what you believe on a spiritual or metaphysical level, it’s impossible to deny the incredible and unique beauty of the area around the famous Sedona vortexes, so a self-guided tour of these is certainly a must-do for anyone visiting the area.

Bell Rock webBell Rock Vortex

The recognizable shape of this iconic formation and its prime location on Highway 179 makes this one of the area’s most popular attractions. In fact, it is one of the reasons the New Age movement came to Sedona. In 1987, about 5,000 people participating in the worldwide Harmonic Convergence gathered in Sedona at Bell Rock in hopes of witnessing some kind of extraterrestrial event.  While nothing of note actually happened, the event was a turning point in Sedona’s tourism history and put the area on the map for New Age enthusiasts.

Next to Bell Rock is Courthouse Butte, and the trail system that is made up of flat, wide pathways around the two formations is known as Courthouse Loop. While stunning photos of the two formations can be captured without leaving the parking lot, it is said that the closer you get to the vortex, the more you feel its power. Also, it’s an easy trail to walk for any age, and once you circle around the base to the back of Bell Rock, you can climb up the part of the rock itself. Spend a few hours to hike the entire 4.7 Courthouse Loop trail, or just navigate the base of Bell Rock and enjoy the views.

Good to know: Mountain bikers frequently use this trail, so keep your eyes and ears open and be respectful of all others on the path.

Airport Vortex

The Airport Vortex is about a half mile up Airport Road from Highway 89A. It’s the closest vortex to town, and from the top of the short yet relatively steep hike, you can take in 360-degree views, perhaps some of the best birds-eye views in the area. Because of its accessibility and vantage point, this vortex can get extremely crowded, especially around sunset. If you’re an early bird, take advantage of the lighter crowds and go at sunrise, and you’ll be equally amazed by the panorama.

It is said that Juniper trees can be use d as an indicator of where vortexes are located. Trees with an axial twist that show spiraling growth along the length of the branch reveal the strength of vortex energy. Look for the twisted Juniper trees at the top of the Airport Vortex hike, and you will find the strongest energy center.

Good to know: After spending some time at the vortex, continue up airport road and join the crowds to view the sunset at an even higher vantage point, or check out the Airport Mesa Grill for a drink with a view.

Cathedral Rock Barn Print_webCathedral Rock

This majestic red rock structure, rising above Oak Creek, is another iconic image of Sedona, and is perhaps even more photographed than Bell Rock. If you think the views of Cathedral Rock are amazing, then the views from the rock are even more stunning. However, the hike to the rock is a very steep one that some consider being more of a rock climb than a hike, so come prepared.

Good to know: Most of this short but strenuous hike is exposed to the sun, so go when temperatures are cooler in the morning or evening, and be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat, and bring plenty of water and a snack.

139856253_webBoynton Canyon

While this vortex area may not be the most iconic or well known, it is arguably the most unique with the best views. At just about one mile round trip, the hike up the knoll to the rock spire known as the Kachina Woman is easier than it looks.  There are plenty of places at the top of the knoll to sit and meditate, take in the views, enjoy a picnic or simply relax.

Here you’ll see plenty of photographers, hikers and day trippers, and you may even encounter a Sedona local who will happily share his knowledge of this vortex’s balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

Good to know: Cairns are wire barrels with rocks placed in them that are used as trail markers throughout the Coconino National Forest. If you’re uncertain whether or not you’re still on the path as you ascend the knoll, look for a cairn to help guide you.


Vortexes exhibit different energies based on the masculine side, the feminine side and the balance side. The Bell Rock Vortex is said to have energy that speaks to all three sides.

  • Masculine: The masculine side comes from a place of strength, and valuing your own life. It is self-confident and geared toward accomplishment. Sedona’s Airport Vortex is said to enhance the masculine side.

  • Feminine: The feminine side comes from a place of goodness, and valuing the lives of others. The feminine side always has energy available to do what is right and good, and let others do what is good for them. The energy at the Cathedral Rock vortex is said to be feminine and helps to strengthen kindness, compassion and patience.

  • Balance: The balance of the masculine and feminine energies is extremely important so that certain aspects of each side do not take over and turn negative. A balance can help strengthen intimacy, honesty, commitment and openness. The Boynton Canyon Vortex strengthens the balance energy side.

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