Employee Profile- Jeramie Arlington, Director of Operations

JeramieAJeramie Arlington’s job at RTX can be condensed into a word: efficiency. He oversees workforce management, quality assurance, three Vacation Consultants who were hired about one year prior that complete custom vacation searches, as well as the call center representatives in the Asheville office who answer reservation and booking questions and requests from RTX clients.

He said a constant goal is shortening the time it takes to get RTX clients what they want- whether it’s cruise reservations, plane tickets, or timeshare exchanges. In September, a brand-new phone system was installed at RTX that further cut down call times, and allowed managers to forecast call volume ahead of time for proper staffing. It all adds up to members getting what they want, more quickly.

“We always try to bring that call time down, it helps the members and it helps us,” he says. “If we can get them what they want in five minutes, that’s a lot better than nine minutes.”

Jeramie Arlington (2)A big part of what sets RTX apart, he says, aside from being the most affordable exchange service out there, is that his team will seek out an exchange in earnest for a client.

“We will aggressively reach out to multiple partners and try to secure that inventory for the member,” he says.

Arlington says the mantra for booking an exchange in a highly desirable exchange or location stands: deposit early, book early.

The earlier you deposit, the earlier you can request a custom search,” he says. “Get out in front of everybody.”

As for what RTX destination he loves to travel to, he said Ellington Resort at Wachesaw East is a top pick.

“That whole area right there in Murrells Inlet, it’s just fun,” he says. “I love the beach, and it’s not nearly as busy as Myrtle Beach.”


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About the Author: Pat Barcas serves as Creative Resources Manager for RTX, based in Asheville, NC. You can find him hiking the mountains of Asheville, gardening, traveling, and hanging with his growing family. His favorite RTX exchange destinations are Rangeley, Maine, Lake Tahoe, Banff, Canada, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, Cape Cod, and Orange Beach, Alabama. .


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