December 2015 | Ask A Travel Consultant

Ask a Travel Consultant

Our experienced RTX Travel Consultants gave us answers to some of the questions they have heard over the last few months. We are happy to provide that information to better help all of our members understand how they can make the most out of RTX.

Can I book into any season when I exchange with RTX?

It would depend on which membership type you have. Generally, RTX works with three types of timeshare owners.

  • Deeded “Fixed” owners: Can only deposit the same unit size and season with your member services department, and with RTX.
  • Deeded “Float” owners: Can deposit within the same color season through your member services department, but depending on RTX’s seasons, the season could be the same, lower or higher.
  • Points based owners: Can deposit a certain amount of points in order to match your preferred season of travel.

Can I protect my exchanges?

Yes, RTX offers a Cancellation Fee Waiver Plan. When this plan is purchased, you are able to cancel exchange reservations for any reason and will have the exchange fee and/or deposit returned with no penalty based on how far in advance the cancellation occurs.

My annual Premium Plus membership is expiring soon. Do I have to renew one year at a time or does RTX offer multi-year memberships?

RTX offers multi-year memberships. You can enjoy significant savings by renewing your membership for three or five years with RTX.

I have a deposit with RTX that I will not be able to use before it expires. What can I do?

As an RTX member, you are able to extend your deposits for two, three or four years depending on your membership level.

I would love to spend my next vacation on a boat. What are my options with RTX?

RTX has several options for spending a week at sea. Log in to your account online where you can either exchange your usage toward a cruise or purchase a discounted cruise without exchanging. As an exciting alternative to major cruise lines, RTX also has opportunities for members on all-inclusive catamaran charters through Festiva Sailing Vacations.

Stay tuned for more member FAQs in the next issue of RTX Traveler Magazine. Have a question that you need answered now? Log in to your account at or contact a Travel Consultant at 888-988-4RTX or

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