Charcuterie Plate

Small independent farms dot the landscape in the Berkshires, providing the region with a large selection of cheeses, cured meats and fresh vegetables. A charcuterie plate is a staple at most regional restaurants as it allows the quality of the locally sourced ingredients to take center stage. While it may not be possible for you to acquire fresh products from the Berkshires where you live, these days a specialty food store or local farmers market is just around the corner from most of us, offering a great chance to taste the flavors of your own region.

The fun part about a charcuterie plate is it allows you the freedom to select what flavors and textures you want, from smoky and spicy meats to soft and creamy cheeses. Here is a good selection of meats, cheeses, nuts and fruit to get you on your way to the perfect plate.



1 hard salami

4 oz prosciutto

1 smoked chorizo



5 oz Brie

5 oz blue cheese

5 oz Parmesan


Fruits/ Nuts

4 oz almonds

4 oz spicy peanuts

4 oz dried cranberries

1 cluster fresh grapes

1 baguette


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