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We always spend a lot of time planning the actual vacation – how we’ll get there, what we’ll pack, and what to do once we get there – that we may not thing of certain things that need to be done to ensure that our home is secure and prepared for us to be gone. Here’s an easy timeline checklist of must-do items that will ensure your home is at peace while you’re away and undisturbed when you return.

Pets4 weeks ahead: Get organized. Be sure to have any necessary pet care or house sitting scheduled, and if necessary have your mail and/or newspaper held or forwarded. Notify your credit card companies so that they don’t view your vacation spending as suspicious activity.

lock and key3 weeks ahead:  Think about security. Test your home alarm system and/or timers on security lights. Talk to neighbors you trust to let them know you’ll be away and if they can expect to see a house or pet sitter at your home while you’re gone.

2 weeks ahead: Meal planning. Cook any food in the refrigerator or pantry that may expire while you’re away. Pre-make and freeze a casserole or slow cooker meal that can be easily prepared the day you return from vacation. You’ll have a home-cooked meal with easy prep!

cleaners1 week ahead: Clean house and stock up. Leaving a clean house will make coming home so much more stress-free. Be sure to have basic supplies like laundry detergent, toiletries and dish soap so that there’s no need for a run to the store as soon as you return home.

Day of departure: Save energy. Turn off appliances and electronics that won’t be used and adjust or reprogram the thermostat to the most energy efficient setting for the season. Be sure there’s no dripping or leaking plumbing fixtures and be sure windows and/or curtains are closed.




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