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Colorado_5This is an extreme environment.

Mountain vistas all around. Pristine alpine lakes. Endless forests of Aspen trees. All of this scenery at altitude is beautiful, but it can take your breath away, among other things. When traveling to heights around 10,000 feet, you may experience fatigue and shortness of breath if you’re not prepared. The sun is also very powerful, so sun screen and clothing protection is a must. Finally, it’s dry up there! The average humidity in the summer can dip into the 20 percent range, so drink water and bring your lip balm. See our Safe Travels article for further tips in preparing for your high country adventure.

Colorado13Moose are great to see from afar.

Moose are North America’s tallest land mammal, and they are plentiful in many parts of Colorado, including Rocky Mountain National Park. According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife office, these animals have few natural predators, and are friendlier to people than bears. However, wolves are a natural predator, and moose will react to dogs as if they are wolves in a defensive manner. Remember to only view and photograph moose from afar, and if you see signs of aggression like laid back ears, raised hairs on the neck, and licking of the snout, it’s time to give them more space.

Dress for all four seasons in the summer.

Colorado is famous for its changing weather. At elevation, even in the summer, temperatures can dip to freezing overnight, then warm to 80 degrees on a sunny day. Mix in wind and rain at a moment’s notice, and you can see how dressing in layers with a rain jacket would be beneficial.

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