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Hurricane Irma came ashore on St. Maarten in September 2017 as a Category 5 storm, wreaking havoc and closing the island to tourists for months. It was the worst hurricane in the island’s history, and the future was uncertain as roads flooded, vegetation was stripped away, and buildings ruined. The people persevered, though, rebuilding infrastructure, restaurants, shops and bars, making St. Maarten better than ever. We’re happy to report that the island is open to tourists – you can read more details later in the magazine, but the bottom line is, you won’t find much evidence of the hurricane if you visit now. What you will find is the smallest island in the world to host two nations. Sint Maarten as it’s called by the Dutch and St. Martin by the French is only 37 square miles in size but is filled with European cuisine, history, lush mountains, beautiful beaches and turquoise waters. The crossroads of the Caribbean is located at the northern end of the Lesser Antilles, about 150 miles southeast of Puerto Rico. It’s an easy flight from the east coast, with many major airlines flying into the hub. With many of the conveniences of back home available, and its simple, compact and friendly nature, St. Maarten is a wonderful gateway to the Caribbean for an experienced or novice traveler. Join us as we show you the wonderful activities of The Friendly Island!

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